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About Me

My Story

I grew up as someone who was always active in sports and growing up my weight was never an issue.  Then after I tore my ACL in college (combined with the beer and pizza diet of the typical college student) I began to gain weight quickly.  By the time I had been out of school for a few years and began my teaching career, I had gained almost 50 pounds!

I was unhappy with how I looked and as my wife and I were beginning our family I didn’t feel as though I would be acting as a good role model for my children.

It took me almost a decade of trial and error to get my fitness level and body image back to a place where I was proud of how I looked.  And along the way I made a ton of mistakes.  I thought I could simply run and lift weights and I would be back to the body I had when I left home for college.  The first 15+ pounds came off quickly but then I hit a plateau.

It wasn’t until I understood I learned that you can’t outwork a bad diet that I actually saw the dramatic change in my results.  Soon after, my friends and family began asking me for advice.  As a teacher I love helping others succeed and the passion to lean and pass on my knowledge is what prompted me to become an online health and fitness coach.

It shouldn’t take you a decade worth of mistakes to learn what does and doesn’t work.  Instead I’m here to guide and coach you through the process.

To your health,

Mark Coziahr RAA, CSCS

Teachers helping teachers. It's what we do.

Mark will work with you as much or as little as you want him to. His support has been great in helping me progress towards a healthier lifestyle.

Abraham H.

Biology Teacher

Mark has provided me with the tools I needed to make changes in my health and my lifestyle. Working with someone who knows how to navigate the challenges teachers face to live a healthy lifestyle has made all the difference for me.

Sabina F.

Chemistry Teacher

I’ve lost 47lbs!!! I still can’t believe it.

Nancy C.

Elementary Teacher