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In my 25+ years teaching high school biology, AP bio, and PE I've learned a lot. This site is my way of paying it forward with my favorite resources and tips for teaching along with real world advice to help you thrive outside of your classroom. In fact I've created my FREE teacher self-care checklist to help you prioritize those daily "must-do's"

Teacher Tired Is A Real Thing!

Do you find yourself wishing for a work-life balance that is well.....balanced? I've been there. Giving so much energy to my classroom that I had nothing left for my relationships with frineds and family. Much less my health and fitness.

If you feel like you are running on empty, I am here to help.

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Thank you for visiting my site.  I truly believe that everything happens for a reason and just the fact that you are reading this right now tells me that I have something of value to offer to help you on your journey….

Teacher Tired Self Care Freebie

Teacher tired is a real thing!

Grab a copy of my esesnital teacher self-care checklist and put an end to feeling exahusted.